Super21 Blackjack by the RTG

24 August 2011
Super 21 happens to be a very interesting blackjack variant which is on offer at the Realtime Gaming (RTG) at the online casinos. The convention is the ones which are alike as the standard of the blackjack variants. It is this makes the Super even more exciting is that the payouts are now considerably dissimilar from standard variants. One of defining features of payouts is that some of the payouts depend at number of the cards in the final hand of the player’. This complicates the strategies and makes the Super 21 even more challenging.

The concise rules of the Super 21 are following. The dealer hits at a soft seventeen. The players can double at once, but at any time. The player can split up and play to 3 hands at any of the given time. He can carry on to hit for every single of the split hand, if not the split had been made for the pair of the Aces, where the case is only that he can hit once for every single of the hands. The players can buy the insurance in the common manner and he can give in at any given time.

The payouts at the Super 21 require being remembered and understood and completely just because the strategy of the optimum blackjack which depends solely on them. The diamond blackjack which pays out 2 to 1 whereas
the blackjacks in other suits pay the players even money. (In standard blackjack the game all the blackjacks pays 3 to 2)

The blackjack of the player will beat the blackjack of the dealer. 5 and 6 of the card totals of an 21 pay out at just 2 to a 1, but only on the non doubled hands. A 6 card total of twenty or less on the non doubled hands will be paying out the players instantaneously devoid of the player making out his hands. Normal of the wins will be paying even money and the tied hands, apart from that of the blackjack push as in standard of the blackjack game.

The strategies of the card become even more significant in the Super 21. In fact all of the players will need to refer to the 4 of the various strategies cards which is solely based on the card deals and their numbers. The 2 Card Strategy Card is employed when the players makes their initial move after he receive his dealt hands of the 2 cards.

As and the When the players get the 3rd card, and does not get bust, the 3 Card Strategies Card is then employed. Similarly the player shifts at the 4 Card strategies and 5 Card Strategies Card as long he survives the game of the blackjack.

If player does not bust even after the 6 card is dealt then he is declared winner right away. The strategy cards of the Super 21 are structured in the customary manner. The column will be representing the face up card of the dealer and the row representing the hand value of the player. There are detached sections for the soft as well as the hard totals.

The idea of wagers in the Super 21 is that more of the cards are now dealt and the player need to take the higher of the risks to try for 2 to 1 payouts for the 5 card or the 6 card total out of 21. The 2 Card Strategy and the 3 Card of the Strategy Card will ask the players to stand at totals of the 13 when the face up card of the dealer is in between 2 to 6.


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