Rules of Perfect Pairs Blackjack

08 August 2011
The Perfect Pairs Blackjack which is inclusive of a site bet bonus with some fascinating features is almost similar to the normal Blackjack. In general the notion of the game is almost similar, that means your aim is to strike the dealer depending upon your cards, if you get a pair of cards you will get an additional payout. Some best Perfect Pairs Blackjack enlisted casinos are given below. Bear this in mind that every casino has a different cash outs for the bonus bets.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack rules
Some of the extra rules excluding the normal rules of Blackjack, but finally the goal of Perfect Pairs and BJ is to attain 21 or to reach nearer without going above it. If you need to win this game you must reach near 21 more than the dealer.

How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack
The structure of the screen of this game is very easy, simple to understand and operator and is also friendly to the users. In the middle of the red velvety appearing table there are few important keys outlined. Insurance Pays 2 To 1 read by the largest one. In many online Blackjack games insurance offers are not permitted. Whenever the dealer’s face card comes out as Ace the players are able to get the insurance, this is the best thing in Perfect Pairs and Blackjack. The total amount you are betting takes half of your cash as a cost for the insurance. If the Blackjack is not with the dealer then the money is taken up by the house or you are given 2:1 if the Blackjack is in dealer’s hand.

The most attractive feature of Perfect Pairs and Blackjack is that the players can put some extra wagers on each hand. You can also win some amount of cash in your side bet if you have any kind of pair. In this game matching pair is of three types. A mixed pair can be two of six (or any other number) from any of the decks. A Colored Pair will be one of a heart another of a diamond. Two of six from same deck will be a Perfect Pair. The chances of getting a matching pair is very less, players will make a wager of small amount. Wagering a dollar per hand is the best method of betting a Perfect Pair. A soft 17 must be beaten up by the player. When a player has a six and an Ace only than a soft 17 hand takes place When a dealer beats a soft 17 the chances of player to win gets increased. Don’t forget it is a minor increase, and mostly won by the house.

Some illusion about these games is that it shows “Payouts 3To 2” on the playing screen which is not in real. On reading the directions of playing, you will know that the blackjack pays 3 To 2 only on the first hand on blackjack All other winning blackjack hand gets an equal payment.

For playing Perfect Pairs and Blackjack choose the amount you can play for. Then select the amount in dollars that you wish to in circle of Perfect Pairs as well as the money you want to put in a wager. The amount you kept on a wager can be changed every time you put a new one or you can easily press the Rebet Button. In word Rebet option you can check your total Rebet amount, so that you will be aware before you put a wager. A wager on two bet can also be made simultaneously.


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