Match Play 21 Blackjack Is the Complicated Version of Blackjack Game

22 July 2011
Match Play 21 is an interesting version of blackjack game, which is played with 8 deck of cards and offering a bonus bet. The differentiating factor between this latest version of blackjack and the traditional version of 21 games is that unlike the standard game, in this game the deck of cards used is not a full deck.

Another difference is that in the previous one after every hand dealer shuffle cards, whereas in traditional blackjack game cards are scuffled only after all the cards have been played in the shoe. This version of blackjack game is quite similar to Spanish Blackjack variation. Match Play 21 is powered by RTG one of the online casino software providers. As such, most of the rules of both the version of Blackjack are the same with few differences, which make huge differences between the two.

Some of the well-known casinos where you can enjoy this exciting version of blackjack are Cherry Red, Rushmore Casino, Bodog Casino, and Lucky Red Casino.

Match Play 21 Blackjack Rules

Match Play 21 is a complicated game as compared to the traditional blackjack game. If you are new to this game then first search for an online casino that offers free trial of this game, try out this blackjack game so that you get familiar with it.
How to Play Match Play 21 Blackjack

While playing this game your main objective is to beat the dealer and you can do that only by collecting a hand closer or equal to 21 not exceeding it. For this, you need cards, which are added up either to 21 or close to 21. Always keep in mind that if you want to make a areal blackjack hand then you need two cards in front of you an Ace and a ten face card that ultimately add up to 21. If you have more then 3 cards that add up to 21 then it is not considered as Blackjack. You can also incorporate Split, Double, Surrender or Insurance for raising the value of your hand.

Similarities, between this latest version of Blackjack and traditional Blackjack are the normal commands like doubling down, splitting cards and asking for insurance.

Differences Between the latest version of Black and Traditional Blackjack
We have discussed in detail about the similarities between the two version of blackjack, now lets take a look on the differences between the two. Differences basically exists in the odds and payout structure. In Match Play 21 as all the tens are excluded from the playing deck in the beginning of the game, so there is no ten in this game. Tens are excluded from the playing deck so as to make this even more exciting and unique. Another feature that makes this game more exciting is the winning combinations; there area several different winning hands one can have in Match Play 21.

The first winning hand a player can have is the blackjack. This winning hand will pay you 2 to 1 but in the first hand only. The highest winning han

Its always suggested to try this game for free so that you get familiar with all the different aspects of this game without loosing your money. Once you are through with all the details of the game then you can move on with real money game. Enjoy this exciting version of Blackjack game today.


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