Key Strategies related with Blackjack Game

01 October 2011
In today’s world, casino games are becoming more and more popular among the players worldwide. Some of these games are based on luck of players, while others based on following a proper strategy for winning the game. One of the casino games, which are totally based on following a proper strategy, is known as Blackjack. Here some suggestions are given that players should follow before they enter in a casino for playing the game of Blackjack.

• Avoid all Distractions in Game

While walking on the casino floor, for starting the gambling session, this is important that players should have their proper perspective regarding the game. The flashing lights, varieties of colors, and sounds may distract many casino players from playing the game. So players are suggested to take precautions against these distractions occurring in casinos. For this, they should walk around the floor of casino for few minutes before they sit to play Blackjack game. During this time, players should mentally recall all his objectives related with gambling session while observing games and players there.

• Selection of Proper Table

Generally, most of the players do not consider this factor seriously for playing Blackjack game. They select the table, for which they get any open seat or space during the game. Also, players used to select those tables that will offer minimum wagering amount, with which they feel comfortable to play. However, selection of right table is a significant factor for winning the game of Blackjack in casinos.

• Entry to a Proper Table

For this, first of all, players have to walk around the Blackjack tables, by observing players, tables and chips available on tables. Now, suddenly, if one table is observed where, there are large numbers of chips available for players, players are placing their bets in multiple units, chip of dealer is racking and some other favorable factors, then players should quickly grab that open space or seat at the table. This lucky table is also named as “Dealer-breaking Tables” or “Dumping Tables” of casino.

• Avoid Particular Tables

Players should also have to avoid some of the tables in casino for playing the game of blackjack. The tables, where are flashing lights and gaming sounds result in distractions and disturbance of players while playing Blackjack game, those tables must be strictly avoided by players in casino. This is because; some of the land based casinos do this intentionally, to distract the players from his objectives towards playing Blackjack game.

• Basic Gaming Strategy

After occupying a popular table, player is now ready to play the Blackjack game. Now, he has to make decision regarding selection of different hands of blackjack game as double down, split pairs, stand, hit and insurance bet in case of showing ace card by dealer. Decisions related with different hands give some controls over the results obtained as win or loss during Blackjack game. Because of this exciting feature, Blackjack had become one of the popular table games of land based casinos. There exists, one mathematical way for making such types of decisions in Blackjack game, which is known as Basic strategy. The basic strategy includes all decisions related with tables, hands, doubling bet, hitting, playing two hands and splitting pair of like cards, which may be taken by players during the game.

• Decision regarding Insurance Betting

Whenever the dealer shows an ace card, insurance may be taken by players. In case of insurance betting, players can place half of the bet of their hands and dealer may either have 10 value card or Blackjack card in this round of game. However, this is suggested to players to avoid insurance bet as possible.


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