Enjoying Online Blackjack Tournaments

18 January 2012
In general, Slots are the most popular ands common option for online tournaments. However, there are some online casinos, specially the one that are powered by Microgaming, host online blackjack tournament as well. These tournaments are enabling blackjack players to show their strength against their opponents, this is the chief reason behind the popularity of online blackjack tournament.

Online tournaments of Blackjack involve somewhat different preparation and mind frame as compared to tournaments of online slots. Slots games are solely depend on luck. Bankroll management is the only skill required by players to enjoy the game in conservative manner. On the other hand, the basic blackjack game says that players should make highest possible moves for obtaining best results. Therefore, players should definitely follow optimum betting strategy in case of online blackjack. Players can proceed with near optimum strategy in case of cash game of blackjack. The optimum strategy may lead to approximate return of 99.5%. The strategy, which the players adopt, will give them approximate return of 99%. In blackjack cash games, if the players are placing chip stacks of more than $1,000 and trying to play with their own strategy, rather than following the optimum strategy, then they would suffer massive losses. On the other hand, in tournaments of online blackjack, the difference occurring in the final chip stack may result in difference in leader board position and hence, players will receive very low share of massive prize pool. Even, the difference in leader board position of the players in blackjack tournament will become so much high that players may not win anything from tournament. Therefore, players should definitely proceed with optimum strategy in online tournaments of blackjack.

It is suggested that blackjack players who can memorized the blackjack strategy card, must refer the strategy card while placing wager on the online blackjack tournament. This is specifically for the players who are expert in blackjack game and for the players who are not are experts in this, its not less then committing suicide. Every blackjack game variant incorporates different strategy and so is the case with strategy card. Thus, online blackjack players must make sure that they are having the right type of strategy card for the type of blackjack variant there are about to play.

The tournaments of online blackjack are based either on the number of deals or on the time. In time-based online blackjack tournaments, the winner of the tournament will be the player having highest numbers of casino chips. Therefore, in time-based online tournaments of blackjack, players playing at faster pace and receiving large number of deals in given time will get huge advantage. Therefore, quick use of the strategy card becomes helpful for this tournament. The experts of online blackjack tournament have suggested to have print out of strategy card with them, instead of having toggle screen on their PC’s screen. In addition, if the software will facilitate, players may disable all the animations of dealing and can play at very high gaming speed.

As we have discussed earlier that online blackjack tourneys can be either time base or can be base on the number of deals played. The online blackjack tournament in which all the players employ similar number of deals then it is usually considered as multi level elimination tournaments. As the first round ends the lower player are removed one by one. This moves on, until you reach the final round of the tournament. At the end of final round top players share the amount of prize poll. Players need to be more continuous in the earlier rounds and they should not become very aggressive for winning highest spots that too at the risk of being eliminated.


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