Blackjack Taking a Stand

15 December 2011
When you no longer want to receive additional cards, you stand.
To signal the dealer that you want to stand in a face up game, wave your hand, palm-down, above your cards. In a face down game, place your cards under your original bet. Use one hand and only one hand to do this, and don't touch your chips.
You're not ever supposed to touch your chips once you've made a bet. This prevents players from adding to or subtracting from their bet based on what cards they've received.

After All the Players Finish
After all the players have made all their decisions, the dealer plays his hand. The dealer does not make decisions; the dealer simply follows the policy of the casino regarding how to play his hand.

If the dealer has a 16 or less, then he has to take a hit, which means he has a chance to bust, which is usually in everyone's favor.

If the dealer has a 17 or more, then he stands, which is great for players with a total of between 18 and 21, but which pretty much stinks for everyone else. Different casinos have different rules about how the dealer plays a soft 17. (A soft hand contains an ace.)

The dealer is not allowed to split, double down, or surrender.
If the dealer busts, you win unless you've already busted, no matter what your total is.
If the dealer doesn't bust, but has a lower total than you do, and you didn't bust, then you win and get paid even odds.
If the dealer doesn't bust but has a higher hand than you do, you lose your bet to the dealer.


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