Blackjack Strategy

15 December 2011
Before explaining a blackjack strategy, I want you to understand that the object of the game is not necessarily to get as close as possible to 21, but to beat the dealer without going bust. Remember this and you will have taken the first step toward becoming a winning blackjack player. There are 2 ways to win at blackjack. Beat the dealer by holding a hand that that adds up to, for example 13 or 14, which is a long way from 21, when the dealer has a good chance of going bust. Or you go for a higher total than the dealer, when the dealer is holding a good card.

It is extremely important to remember there two ways to win. Again, You can win by having a hand with a higher total than the dealer OR to have the dealer go bust. To gain the upper hand over the dealer, you will need to concentrate on not hitting more often than you should and end up busting your hand and losing more often than you should. It is a general tendency for a player to bust far too often than they should. Have a blackjack strategy and always stick to it, no matter if you have had a run of bad luck. If you change your play at this point or try to a different blackjack strategy, the online casino will take your money, guaranteed.

Consider that blackjack rules put the dealer at a major disadvantage by having to hit on anything less than 16. A player is therefore psychologically enticed to assume that by following the same Blackjack strategy as the dealer, of hitting on anything below 16, will level the playing field. Wrong! The problem is that if you play with such a blackjack strategy, the advantage drastically turns in favour of the dealer because, (and this is where the dealer is at a major advantage), the dealer draws last. If the dealer busts after you have busted, the dealer still wins your wager. This is especially agonizing when you could have won the hand by standing on 12.


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