Research Revels that Bingo imparts good Health

28 July 2011
Bingo is one of the very enticing games which is offering its players with the best of the entertainment and also aides them for attaining good health. Bingo is the simplest casino games known to gamblers. in fact bingo is a game for all that is both young as well as old people enjoy this game. Bingo is considered as one of the best activity for maintaining good mental and physical health. This is not only because you are involved in the company of others but also because Bingo is a game that keeps your mental faculties alert. University of Southampton's Psychology Department has conducted various researches on Bingo players, to prove that there is deep link between Bingo and good health. After this research, scientist concluded that players who enjoy Bingo regularly have good mental health.

Although playing bingo is useful for all however, older people notice especial benefited from it, as it helps in making the mind sharp. For this research, total 112peoples were targeted and they were divided in to two age groups. First group comprise of people from 18 to 40 years of age and another group comprise of people from 60 to 82 years of age. Half of each of the two groups was regular players and rest half were non-players. Both the groups were tested for mental ability and it was found that regular bingo players were more accurate and mentally sharp as compared to the non-players. Similarly, older bingo players were more quick and accurate then the young ones. Some of the ways by which bingo improves your mental health are.
Increases the Brain fitness.

University of Southampton’s psychology department has proved that bingo is good for mental health. The research report revels that player who enjoy bingo regularly have far better memory and learning ability as to the non players or the one who are playing bingo very rarely. This is do because while plying bingo players flex their concentration muscle along with stimulating their hand-eye coordination. People who play strategically games such as Chess or checkers use the previously restrained information in their brain for winning the game, but in bingo its not so, in bingo players need to use simple skills and remain alert, while ultimately boost their mental function. Thus, Bingo is a game, which does not make one intelligent but instead can improve the brain function.

Good Health with Laughter
The bingo Hall is a place where players socialize with one another. You must amazed to know that more maximum percentage of Bingo players are old. People gather at bingo hall not only for playing bingo but also for having fun because bingo hall is fun of laughter and enjoyment of the players. Fact that everyone is aware of that laughter and enjoyment are both very important for living a healthy life and it also impart good mental as well as physical health to older as well as younger people.

Serves as a purpose
Playing Bingo most gives new hope to old people and acts as a purpose for making them happy and joyful. Generally people who are in their old ages becomes depressed or sick because they do not have any justified purpose of becoming happy or joyful. Other then this Bingo also helps in lowering stress level and making immune system.

Many critics consider bingo simi8lar to any other video poker game and claims that online bingo does nothing other then making your brain dull. However, this has been effectively rebutted by the studies that online bingo is directly linked with good health.


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