Ratio of Women Bingo Player Are More Then Men

29 July 2011
Bingo is a very popular and renowned game and players from all over the world love to enjoy this game. This game has gone through a number of changes like initially it was considered as a fun game, which was played to raise funds and was usually played in churches or big halls. However, as a result of huge technological advancement in gaming sector online Bingo came into existence and soon become major source of gambling. Bingo is a game for all that is both men as well as women enjoys this game, however the ratios of women players are quite more then men. A research report revels that total strength of bingo players comprise of only 30% men and the rest 70% are women. Women find this game as a good source of socializing with other people and they feel that this game offers them a refreshing feeling. Some of the major reasons that attracts women towards bingo are-

Best way for mental relaxation
Generally, most of the men presume that daily routine of women are very simple and relaxing but the fact is that daily routine of women are far more busy and hectic as compared to men, specially the working women. They spend there whole day in managing there office and household work. This makes them physically as well as mentally tired, thus a short game of bingo resolved there stress and they get mentally refreshed. This is the most prominent reason why the number of women bingo players are higher then men.

Maintaining social networking
Most of the women love to interact with others and so chat option offered by online bingo provides them an exciting source for creating and maintaining social network. In other words, we can say that chat rooms are a social pastime for women were they could make friends online.

Women are more associated with Bingo
Men are considered to be more interested in playing bingo but practically women enjoy this game more as compared to men. Earlier bingo was a game, which was played with the intention of raising funds for some good cause and was mostly played in Churches. Other then this bingo was also considered as an educational tools and this is the reason why bingo was considered as a reputable game instead of gambling game. That is why women are so easily and comfortably associated with this game. Women take bingo as a more feminine game and think that tough games like poker and blackjack are for men.

Homemakers and working Ladies both enjoy bingo
Women whether working or just homemakers both equally enjoy bingo game. Women love to spend the whole cash amount whether big or small, which they have won from bingo in the welfare of their families. Home makes find this game as a ultimate source of there enjoyment.

Make their boring life exciting
With the introduction of online, those women are highly benefited who were not able to move out from their home for enjoying their favorite game. Online bingo offers them fair chance of making their dull afternoon exciting and full of fun. Women usually play bingo either on busy afternoon or at late night. Bingo is a gift for them as it fulfills most of their needs such as addition fun in there boring life, maintaining social networking and above all earning cash prizes.

Simple Game
As compared to any other online casino game, Bingo is very simple and does not require any expertise knowledge or skill on the part of players.


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