Bingo Addiction

03 February 2012
Almost all of you must have heard about the term drug addiction but any of you have ever heard about bingo addiction? I think not. In fact, most you must be thinking is it possible to develop addiction towards a game like bingo. Actually yes, anyone who is playing online bingo games very frequently can develop this type of addiction. Most of the people worldwide are moving under the craze of problem gambling or ludomania. According to WikiPedia, compulsive gambling is a situation when a player develops a strong gambling urge despite of its harmful consequences. In sort, a player develops a harmful obsession towards gambling. 

In recent times, online gaming industry is grooming in an astonishing manner and accordingly the addiction towards gambling is rising largely. With the introduction of online gambling, more and more people are being exposed to gambling with the help of their computer systems. Earlier, people need to visit Las Vegas or Atlantic City for enjoying gambling but now they can enjoy casino games sitting at home. For this, they only need a computer system having internet access. Thus, people can frequently enjoy gambling that too for longer duration of time and they ultimately become problem gambler.

Today, with the convenience of playing anywhere and at any time, most of the people are getting attracted towards online gambling. In fact, everyone whether they are young or old players and male or female players prefer to play many online games, particularly games of casino and bingo. Most of the people initially, start with the gambling games to have only fun and enjoyment, but when this fun and enjoyment gets combined with the opportunity of winning money, it results in strong addiction towards online gambling. There are large numbers of players, playing bingo or other casino games for whole day and in addition for whole night with an anticipation of winning massive jackpot on some day. If these players were not allowed to play they would become stressed, anxious or may even become depressed. Moreover, the problem gamblers will show their more interest in playing bingo game, instead of interacting with other fellow players. Playing of bingo games in front of Personal computers or desktop for long hours will become part of day to day life of the players. With the passage of time, this addiction will worsen the players to such extent that they will start perceiving bingo games or gambling as distraction from all of the troubles in life.

The irony of bingo addict is that players will start feeling bored from playing bingo games after sometime and eventually the act of playing bingo games with start irritation among the players. As similar to any other addiction, addiction towards the bingo games will severely affect both personal and social life of the players. This increase in involvement of players towards the bingo games will not only limit their interaction with their friends and colleagues, but also with their family members. Compulsive gambling is one of the emotional problems, which will lead to various financial consequences. Every day, websites of bingo have observed many addicts of bingo games as spending huge of amount of money on bingo, after which they will feel guilty towards them and curse themselves for having no control on the faculties of their own.

Bingo is considered as one of the older as well as the most popular game. Both young as well as older people can enjoy this exciting game. Other the gambling, this game is also played for to collect fund by the charitable organizations.


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