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7 Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud is a very popular Poker variant. The game very often ends in high jackpots. It also allows assessing the other players' hands. Four out of players' 7 cards are revealed (face up). There are 5 betting rounds in 7 Stud Poker, which are 3 more than in the Omaha and Hold'em Poker.

In 7 Stud Poker each player must bet an Ante before cards are dealt. The amount of the Ante depends on the table limit rules, but usually it constitutes a certain percentage of the low limit. $0.50/$1.00 tables don't require the Ante.

7 Cards Stud Poker

Each player is dealt 3 cards, 2 face down (hole cards) and 1 face up (up card/door card). The player with the lower value up card starts the betting. The lowest card is determined by its value, or Suit it belongs to. This is the only time when Suit decides the value of a card. The most valuable Suits are consecutively clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

The bring-in is a small bet equal to the double value of Blind, but it also depends on the table limit rules.

Players start their betting rounds in which they can fold, call, or raise. Each raise is limited by the bet/raise limit. In $10/$20 games, the Ante is usually equal to $1, the bring-in is usually $5, and the full bet is usually $10.

Each bidding round consists of one bet and maximum three raises. The betting limit in 7Card Stud Poker is the low limit for the first 2 rounds and the higher limit for the remaining rounds. There is an exception to that rule if a player has a pair in the second round; he is then allowed to move straight to high limit.

Fourth street

When all the bets have been posted and their value is equal for each player, the players are dealt another card. Player who has 2 highest cards will start a betting round by posting a low limit bet. If 2 players have cards of the same value, the player with a higher ranked suit will start the betting. Each player has an option to fold, call, raise, or check.

Fifth / sixth street

Is the same as the fourth street but the bets are higher. The sixth street is the same as the fifth street.

Seventh street / river

Each player receives the final card; the player who started betting in the sixth street will also start in this round. When the betting has completed, the player who has finished it will start a showdown by revealing all 5 cards. The best hand wins the game. 2



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