Hicks’ Picks Tuesday // Jennah Bell // Vocalist-Songwriter

Posted on March 1, 2011

As we transition out of #BlackFutureMonth here at Thickwit, I wanna introduce new readers to the newer viewing schedule here at Thickwit.

Mondays have no format here. In the words of Claire Huxtable. “You get what you get when you get it”.
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Saturdays – Health, Exercise, Movement, Nutrition and such.
Sundays– C’mon son. Black folks go to church on Sundays. Come to Thickwit for something focused on Spirit.

So to set us off, and in honor of her EP release today, here’s more from Jennah Bell. I wrote about her in the early parts of February, and then had to hold myself back from doubling up on her work in #BlackFutureMonth. But it’s March 1st, — a brand new day like them munchkins in The Wiz sang about. And I wanna write about someone who inspires me. Twice in the course of 30 days, cause she’s that ill. But let’s let her talk about herself. What’s your name, girl?

Jennah’s voice is arresting. Her lyrics are unexpected. Her fervor for humor and craft are both palpable from note the first. She made it as the first Hicks Pick because I know my momma’s gonna love the country and bluegrass influence on her metropolitan sound. One one tune on this new EP she manages to effortlessly blend an autotune effect with an almost dub rhythm, in a nuanced, quirky way. The girl is simply amazing. The kind of voice I’ve been waiting to listen to for just about 26 years. All hyperbole aside, I think she’s gonna win a Grammy this year, and I want to be one of the first sites to congratulate her on the win.

Here’s her latest EP, Early Bird. If you can, you should support her, and spend $5 on it.

I’m also including a few more videos from the subway series as shot and produced by my homebud Rafael Casal.
He cut the second one at my kitchen table, so I have a special affinity for the high notes.

You can follow errything Ms. Bell is doing at

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