Black Future Month // 2-21-11 // MVMT #2

Posted on February 22, 2011

I’m about 30 days away from my next major goal. Okay, 29. Okay 28, if I’m being honest. But you know, whatever. I’m a month away from running the Los Angeles Marathon with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training. I’m running in honor of one of the most focused and fastidious humans I’ve ever known, Anthony Lee Franklin. There’s more on Lee and the race here.

But all this talk of focus, preparation and 30 days to do it, takes me down a path that winds up with the goal setting movements and planning guides brought to us by the good folks at MVMT. If you’ve been following #BlackFutureMonth closely, you know that MVMT got a brief shout in another post, but I had to circle back, as February comes to a close, and you begin setting intention, dear reader, for your month of March. As much fun as it has been to feature the artists and individuals that will make #blackfuture visible, we’re gonna break from that form a few times in the last week of February. I think it’s equally important to be intentional about crafting a healthy, meaningful #blackfuture through careful and community oriented planning.

Check this 15 minute video that show the inspirational outcomes of MVMT’s 2010 plans. Then download their 90 minute New Year’s Guide — yes, you can begin using it at the start of March. Who says when your year has to start, anyway? I do encourage you to watch the video in full screen, if you can manage. Too many good looking people in it not to get your full (respectful, rebellion-minded) ogle on.

MVMT Brunch & MVMT’s New Years Guide » from MVMT on Vimeo.

Oh, and if you can’t commit to watching this 15 minute clip right now — why not take a peek at Purpose Finder, Jullien Gordon’s 30 day Do-It Model, also a project of MVMT. click HERE to start your March off right.

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