The Popular

December 8th, 4:30pm-10:30pm
18th Street & Myrtle Street

The Popular is a social club for Oakland’s elite thinkers, organizers, policy makers, artisans and performers. By “popular” we mean to indicate both “celebrated” and “of the people”. Ours is a seasonal gathering designed to be a showcase of The East Bay’s best talent with a mix of acclaimed natives and transplants who have earned acceptance into our community. It’s also a chance for performers visiting Oakland to get a sense of who we really are.

Upcoming events for The Popular will include spring activities at Oakland Ice Arena, summer BBQs at DeFremery Pool and after dark activities for autumn’s Life is Living Festival.

The Popular, Winter 2013 will highlight Oakland’s literary scene include writing workshops, feature sets by world renowned poets, a “closed” mic of 10 secret highlight performers, live painting and DJ-ing by Treatunice and an offering of delicious homemade southern Mexican cuisine by local chef Daniel Perales.

Dress Code
It’s a social club, so come to shine, whatever that means to you: Your favorite vintage dress. Your best kicks and snapbacks. Your lucky socks. Your flyest gelee and lapa. All appropriate.
Patronage of local, community brands like C8C, Orundide, Owl N Wood, Nneka and TresMercedes is encouraged.

Featured Poets
IWPS Finalist and Verses & Flow veteran Aaron Samuels (
Def Poet, emcee, author and abolitionist Amir Sulaiman (
Aaron and Amir will both be selling merchandise.

Secret Highlight Performers
Handpicked artists are challenged to bring exactly 1 minute of their absolute best to this “closed”-mic. No sign-ups. No mediocrity. Just the best of The Bay’s visual and performance art.

Def Poet and 2008 Best Poet of the East Bay Chinaka Hodge (
Detailed Schedule

4:15pm – 5:45pm: Workshop Session 1
Chinaka Hodge: Intermediate Writing for the Advanced Mind (Chinaka’s former/current students encouraged to attend)
Aaron Samuels: Craft Discussion and Generative Prompts

6:00pm – 7:30pm: Workshop Session 2
Amir Sulaiman: Poetry as a bridge between thought and matter.
Chinaka Hodge: On Disasters and Miracles

7:30pm – 9:00pm: Featured Performances
30 minute features from Aaron Samuels and Amir Sulaiman, and selections from 10 secret performers. Hosted by Chinaka Hodge.

9:00pm – 10:30: Taco Pop Up Shop continues with Chef Daniel Perales/Lounge with DJ Treatunice

Join our hometown Chef Daniel Perales for a taste of his thoughtful and tasty cuisine.
Eat and hang while DJ Treatunice spins a lounge for networking, card/bones/chess playing and photos.