Planning to Buy a Slot Machine for Your Home

13 March 2012
Have you ever thought of getting a slot machine for your home? Having a slots machine at home is a great fun that one could even think off. The part of having slot machine at home is that you can enjoy hours playing on this machine that too without losing anything. Off course, if you are not losing anything so at the same time you are also not winning anything.

The major drawback of having your own slot machine is that you get bored of it very quickly. This is so because when you enjoy slot game at brick and mortal casino then you have limited time as well as money to enjoy that game, as soon as your bankroll in finish you end up playing the game. However, in case of slots machines present at home you enjoy the game endless time, which makes the game boring. Another aspect of home slot machine is that those players who enjoy slot games solely for making huge profits for them home machines are of no use. As there is no real money wagering, so there is no real money winning as well. This ultimately brings down the excitement level in players.

We have to consider several factors before we should go to purchase any slot machine. One of the significant factors regarding this is the location. In United States, legality of purchasing of online slot machines are based on the laws prevailing in its various states, while in other parts of the world, its legality would depend on laws prevailing in the country. Thus, make sure that you all the legal and other aspects of your country before you make your mind for buying a slot machine for your home.

Below we have discussed some of the legal situations, which are currently prevailing in United States
States where almost all types of slot machines are considered legal for home use are Texas, Nevada, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Maine, Arizona, Minnesota, Utah, Rhode island and Virginia. Whereas, those states where those slot machines, which are minimum twenty-five years old, are considered legal for purchasing. Some of these states include North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Delaware, Oklahoma, Mississippi and various others. Most of you will be amaze to know about the fact that there are some states where only those slot machines, which were introduced before 1950 are considered legal for home use. Some of these states are New Jersey, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kansas, Colorado, Idaho and various other states.
Till now we have discussed only about those states where owing a personal slots machine is legal, whereas there are some states were having a slot machine at home is strictly restricted or prohibited or in fact illegal. Some of these states are Indiana, Nebraska, Alabama, New Mexico, Connecticut, Wisconsin and various others.

If you are living in a state, where gambling is illegal then you will have very limited gaming options with you. Sometimes, this may lead to various quality related problems, as we can expect from any type of casino game, which was more than 25 years. In case, we are living in such state, where ownership has been considered as illegal, the best way of availing slot machines is to have them in our homes with the help of Internet. The players should keep in their minds that they should not consider this article as legal advice. In case, they would make decision of purchasing slot machine for their homes, they should properly check all the local authorities, so that they could ensure that the activity is legal in their areas.


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