Strategy of Intercash for Establishing in the Online Gambling Sector

02 March 2012
Intercash are popularly known as the international electronic prepaid payment solution, which is being acceptable at more than 30 million gambling locations. Moreover, the payment option is highly suitable for wide variety of online business organizations. Payment option of Intercash has not obtained huge popularity in the online gambling sector like payment options from paysafecard and Ukash payment solutions provider. However, Intercash are continuing to make every possible effort for establishing their name in online gambling sector.

Facts Highlighted by Intercash CEO about Intercash
Patrick Seguev, CEO or Chief Executive Officer of Intercash has highlighted some of the benefits of Intercash prepaid card. Intercash a very sting backing of MasterCard. This has contributed huge credibility, as the online casino players would now make sure that Intercash are one of the secured options. Intercash perform the payment issuing activities in instantaneous manner, which means players should require minimum possible funds at online casinos. Intercash payment options do not charge any type of set up fees from the players. In addition, the payment of system of Intercash can get easily integrated with the software of online casino games.

Benefits of Intercash Payment Solution
The online casino players may have huge advantage for Intercash in the sector of online casino games. This is because; payment options of Intercash facilitates the online casinos in remitting the payments of online players directly in to the cards of the players. We know that obtaining of cash withdrawals from online casinos are one among the difficult tasks that are performed by the players. Most of the players are highly constrained for receiving payments via checks. According to Patrick Seguev, “Intercash prepaid payment systems many facilitate our players in reducing overhead costs associated with giving payments with the help of EFT or check. We have provided international, very fast and convenient prepaid solutions to our online gambling players.” Even today, most of the affiliated programs of online gambling are allowed to have the utilization of Intercash to for paying commissions directly to the physical prepaid MasterCard of their member.

Role of Partners for Intercash
Banque Invik is one of the leading banks of Luxembourg. The main function of this bank is to issue the Intercash cards to the casino players. This bank of Luxembourg is also responsible for Asset Management, Private Banking, Corporate Finance, Treasury Outsourcing and for issuing several prepaid cards and credit cards. Moreover, Metvante Corporation and Conister Trust are other famous partners of Intercash payment solution groups.

Methodology of Intercash for their Promotion
The Intercash payment solution providers have given its strong presence at several gambling exhibitions and conferences, so that they could have sound promotion methodology to promote themselves in online gambling sector. Intercash have shown its significant participation at Prague in the iGaming Super Show. This iGaming show has scheduled from 25th of May to 28th of May. In this show, Intercash group has created awareness among 2,000 delegates approximately about the advantages provided by Intercash payment solutions to the online players. Before this, Intercash group has attended AAC (Amsterdam Affiliate Conference) from 30th of April to 3rd of May.

At the popular iGaming Super Show, Intercash group has issued prepaid cards to the players. Delegates, who have visited to the stand of Intercash are being asked for dropping their business cards. After this, Intercash group has conducted lucky draw competition, where two lucky winners have received high value prepaid cards worth €200. In conclusion, we should say that as similar to Ukash and paysafecard, Intercash payment solutions would be perfectly suitable for online casino industries.


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