Role of verification Process Agencies to Online Casinos and Online Casino Players

19 December 2011
Whenever new players go for registering their accounts with any of the online casinos, they have to go through verification process. This process of verification seeks for establishment of identity, address and age of the players. Mostly, online casinos ask to submit copies of some particular documents that will certify the required details and treat them as sufficient evidence. However, by the increase in numbers of players, majority of online casinos are now assigning the process of verification to independent agencies, which are specialized in this regard. This article is describing about the functions of two well-known agencies responsible for providing verification process. agency had developed a mechanism, by which process of verification has become much more convenient for both online casinos and online players. This agency had developed a secured system that will facilitate players to register their accounts and upload the documents by giving all the address, identity and age proof. The players are issued a unique access code. After this, whenever players register themselves into the online casino, they would have to submit only access code, without requirement of submitting any other documents. The online casino can access the database of agency by the help of issued access code and observe players’ documents.

The advantage of the players is that they submit their documents just for only one time as they are sending it to the central agency. These submitted documents are then kept only on the server of the agency and not on the server of any particular online casino. This also reduces the probability of misuse and hacking of players’ documents. The online casinos can observe the submitted documents of players only the players issued their access code to them. also facilitates the players to enquire that which online casinos have observed their submitted documents and when they have observed it. Once any online casino observes the documents of players and either rejects or accepts them, the players can restrict that online casino to have an access to their submitted documents again.

The advantage of online casinos because of is that casinos do not required to store and collect documents having personal details of the players. This result in both indirect and direct saving of cost and time and thus, online casinos can focus on offering online casino games only. Moreover, in case any online casino needs any further details about the players, the casino can utilize the facility of

Aristotle International is a verification process agency, which concentrates on verification of age. This agency will go beyond the convenience of data handling process and actually will verify that whether players have mentioned their correct ages or not. This service of the agency had proved to be an efficient and effective way of reducing the participation of underage person for online gambling. The verification of age can be done by using Integrity suite of solutions that has been developed by Aristotle International Company. The Integrity solution utilizes IDs, which are issued by Government and will maintain comprehensive database. The database of COSMOS also incorporates information from varying credible sources of date. The database possesses information of more than 50 million customers of approximately 157 countries. The services offered by Integrity suite of solutions are comfortable with many platforms such as interactive voice response, online, mobile devices, online and many more. Besides the process of age verification, online casinos can also refer Integrity suite of solutions for prevention of many fraudulent activities such as laundering of money and prevention of problem gambling.


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