Various Microgaming online American Blackjack Variants

12 March 2012
Some of the renowned and well-known American brick and mortal casinos are situated in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. As far as Las Vegas is concerned then casinos are mainly located in Strip or in downtown Vegas. All these areas offer some or the other blackjack variant with some difference in rules and way of enjoying the game. Very few online casino software providers offer almost all the variant of online blackjack game. You will be amaze to know that Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software providers is among them. In this article, we have first discussed in details about the difference between Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack and then we will have a look on the different variant of blackjack game offered by Microgaming software providers.

Among the three-blackjack game, American blackjack variant is the one whose rules are exactly similar to that of the core blackjack game, however, the only difference occurs is in the fringes. Some of the common rules of the game are. Players are allowed to call for insurance if the dealer’s face up card is an ace. Payout ratio in case of insurance bet is two to one. In case of blackjack, the ratio is three to two. Layers can double their wager on any of the initial two-card combinations. Raising your bet after splitting your cards is also possible.

The difference usually occurs in the way of splitting of cards and the way dealer draw their card. The Atlantic City blackjack rules goes in the following manner. Dealer need to make draws, which makes a total of sixteen or even less and they need to stand on all the totals lay between seventeen and twenty-one. Here players can split the identical pairs but they are not allowed to resplit the pairs.

Now lets have a look on The Vegas Strip Blackjack rules. Here also dealers are suppose to draw cards that total sixteen or even less and they need to stand on the card total seventeen to twenty-one. In Vegas Strip Blackjack, identical pairs split, resplit and can be drawn as desired. The most exceptional part of this game is that players can even split their ace cards. Players are allowed to make one hit on each of the split ace. Now comes the Vegas Downtown rules, they are as follows. In this game, dealer has to draw soft seventeen. Players are allowed to split, or resplit their identical cards and can make desired. In fact, in this game of blackjack ace can also ne split but players can hit only once after splitting the ace.

Being a player its not enough to know about the differences between these games, however its also important o understand how these differences affect the payout of the game. In Atlantic blackjack, players are not allowed to resplit their identical hands. This thing goes against the interest of players; this is so because in this case the house increases by 0.06%. Vegas Downtown Blackjack game dealer is asked to hit soft seventeen. This is also disadvantageous for player because dealer has the opportunity to improve their hand value. This ultimately raises the house edge by 0.21percent. Thus based on the above discussion we can rank Vegas Strip Blackjack in the top position, then move on with Atlantic City Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack occupies the last position.

For all the three blackjack variants, Microgaming offers single hand games as well as multiple hand games. In the multiple hands, player can wager up to 5 hands against the dealer hand.


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