How Charlie Rule is Advantageous in Blackjack Game

30 January 2012
Today, large numbers of innovative variants of blackjack are found at online casinos, in addition to brick and mortal casinos. However, online casinos have changed some of the gaming rules, so that players can have more challenges and excitements from these variants of blackjack. The players should make changes in the standard optimum strategy of blackjack, for accommodating the effects of various gaming rules. One of the rules of Blackjack game, which had gone through some changes, is Charlie Rule. Charlie Rule is mainly present in the blackjack variant of Triple Attack Blackjack.

About Charlie Rule

Charlie Rule is one of the generic rules, according to which if players are dealing with specified numbers of cards without facing any bust, hands of the players will win automatically, regardless of the value that dealer will ultimately obtained. In addition, Charlie rule is sometimes made tempered by making it lose against the dealer of blackjack.

To have four cards without any bust is common in blackjack game. Hence, Charlie rule is never applicable in case of four cards. The Charlie Rule will start for 5 cards and will be applied for further higher cards. Therefore, Charlie Rule in case of 5, 6 and 7 cards are known as Five Card Charlie Rule, Six Cards Charlie Rule and Seven Cards Charlie Rule respectively.

About Five Card Charlie Rule

The hand of Five Card Charlie is five cards hand having hand value less than 21. This value has been calculated as per the rules of normal game of Blackjack. This will reduce the house edge by approximately 1.5%. The variants of Blackjack will give house edge of approximately 0.5%. Therefore, Charlie rule in case of five blackjack cards will increase the player’s return at more than 100%. This high value of return is certainly not feasible for online casinos. Therefore, online casinos offer Five Card Charlie Rule very rarely. In addition, in case the online casinos offered Charlie rule for 5 cards, they will reduce some other advantages to be offered to the players for balancing the field.

About Seven Cards Charlie Rule

As similar to the Five Cards Charlie Hand, Seven Cards Charlie Hand is referred to the hand of seven cards, whose hand value is less than 21. This will result in the decrease of house edge by approximately 0.02%. This means that the house edge will reduce with very less percentage as compared to the house edge of normal blackjack game. Therefore, advantage of Seven Card Charlie Rule has proved to be insignificant for large numbers of online players of blackjack. Hence, these players will not have attraction towards Seven Card Charlie Rule. Moreover, Charlie Rule for further higher cards as 8, 9 and 10 and so on are not capable of providing massive advantages to us. Therefore, our focus should be on the Six Card Charlie Rule.

About Six Cards Charlie Rule

Six Cards Charlie Hand as the name has suggested is referred to the hands of six cards having hand value less than 21. This will decrease the house edge by approximately 0.20%. The house edge of 0.20% will give reasonable benefits to the online blackjack players and also something, which online casinos can afford easily. Therefore, Charlie Rule in case of six card hands had proved to be advantageous for both online casinos and players. The strategy of Charlie Rule has been displayed on the strategy card, which incorporates identical structure with the normal blackjack card. The main difference is that in case of Charlie cards, these cells are marked as either 1 or 2, while in normal cells, they were marked with S.


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