Card Counting in Blackjack Game

21 February 2012
As far as online blackjack game is concerned, card counting is not at possible in this game, this is so because in online version of blackjack game every new hand is dealt with complete deck. In recent times, brick and mortal casinos incorporates certain systems, which make it very difficult to enjoy the benefit offered by card counting. However, in the end of the last century card counting in blackjack was more in trend and the whole credit goes to MIT Blackjack team. Now most of the blackjack players will be every curious to know what is card counting and how it is being done. Here in this article, we have discussed in detail about the various steps involved in card counting process.

The ultimate aim of card counting is to assess whether the deck consist of more high value cards or low value cards. One of the best and the easiest way to do so is High Low System. Cards having value between two to six are have been allotted the value of +1, those cards having value between seven to nine is allotted value 0 and the one having value 10 are allotted -1. When the game states with new deck then the card counting starts with zero, as the card is dealt a player immediately adds the allotted value to the running count. If any time the number is highly positive then it indicates that there are more high value card in the shoe and the more low value cards in discarded tray.

In order to correct aces, a side card count is maintained and this more difficult. In every 13 cards there is one ace. Players can easily track one ace when dealing with a set of 13 cards. In case, no ace is found in the dealt 13 cards segment then players will find one additional ace in the shoe and the number of side card increases by one. Similarly, if two aces are found in the dealt 13 cards then the one ace is reduced from the shoe and the number of side card count also decreases by one.

This step gets repeated in every set of 13 cards. All the side card counts are automatically added in the running count. The amount obtained point out the difference between the high value cards and the low values left in the shoe. In case, just few cards are left in the shoe then the players can easily exploit this information. Therefore, other than the side card count as well as the running card count, players also need to pay due consideration on the total number of cards dealt. By considering, the total number of cards starting decks, then the players can easily calculate the number of may found in the shoe. Dividing the actually number with fifty-two, you will get the exact number of decks left in the shoe. In case, the new shoe is comprise of eight decks then after dealing with twenty-six cards only seven cards remain along with half of the deck. The actual count is total of running count and side count divided by the number of decks remained.

When players need to make their move after the hand has been dealt then its very important that they must be familiar with the true count. This will give players an idea regarding how difficult is card counting even if it is done for simple blackjack games. if a player is enjoying high value of card that means he/she is enjoying an advantageous position in the game. Thus, they are wager vigorously on the game.


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