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3 // BFM 2014 // Nick Galbaldon x Oumar Seye

Black Future's highlight of Nick Gabaldon, the first documented African American surfer who broke the color line by integrating Santa Monica and Malibu beaches. BFM also spotlights the work of Senegalese surfer Oumar Seye, who started his Ngor Surfer's Paradise -- the first of its kind in Senegal. The Surf Club hosts classes, camp, an and annual trophy competition which has been folded into Rip Curl's West Africa Tour. As Seye's destination near Senegal's capital city of Dakar grows in popularity, so, too does the market for surf along the coast.

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Hicks’ Picks Tuesday // Jennah Bell // Vocalist-Songwriter

As we transition out of #BlackFutureMonth here at Thickwit, I wanna introduce new readers to the newer viewing schedule here at Thickwit. Mondays have no format here. In the words of Claire Huxtable. "You get what you get when you get it". Hicks Picks on Tuesdays - Music good enough to satisfy the tastes of the Hicks women from whom I descend. Wednesday Writing- ...

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