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Posted on April 27, 2008
close your eyes and make a wish.

Okay. Very short spiel today. Maggiano’s Italian restaurant changed my life this evening.
Good service. Better food. Best cheesecake of my life, and believe you me, I’ve had cheesecake.

I have all sorts of qualms with all sorts of things, particularly any major non-black owned franchise, but Maggiano’s is food like it should be. Big portions, amazing textures, attention to detail and fair price. $27.95 will get you full as you want to be, and you can take as much as you want to go. I’m saying. Appetizers, two salads, two pastas, two entrees and two desserts for the cost of your busting ass drive and meal at Olive Garden. Oh. The possibilities. May I suggest the cheese ravioli and the medallions? Also the best shirley temple I’ve had in a while. They’ve got stores all over. Check Maggianos.com for the full menu and spots in your area. Plus eating there this week supports the work of Make-a-wish.

right here she’s saying she likes italians.

Damn. You selfish. You’ve read this far and still aren’t planning on going. How you going to deny a dying child’s last wish cause you don’t want to drive to San Jose for family style Italian food? And what you got against Italians? You ain’t never seen A Bronx Tale? If Taral Hicks could fall in love with Cologgiero, and then fucks with Nas in Belly, you ain’t too hood to have a little antipasti.

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