Oakland Reconstructed Town Forum

Chinaka leads a panel discussion convened by Broakland at The New Parkway Theater.

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Gentrification has been a hot-button-issue in Oakland for the last decade, as new development spurred by former Mayor Jerry Brown’s “10K Initiative” brought new residents and new energy to the newly named Uptown district. The initiative helped to remake Oakland’s image, but has also resulted in the displacement of longtime residents and allegations of exclusion of some of the city’s diverse demographic.

Broaklyn Film & Theater Company and Top Ten Social are proud to present the OAKLAND RECONSTRUCTED TOWN FORUM, a collection of roundtable discussions which highlight the social impact and direction of Oakland’s famed modern renaissance.

Gentrification, public subsidies for luxury developments, political corruption, rising rents and neighborhood revitalization, are underlying themes in most Oaklandites day-to-day lives, by now. With that in mind, the series taps into The Town’s zeitgeist, its wealth of local nonprofit orgs, and infill of developers and investors from as far as China to explore these issues.

Each discussion in the series, to be presented at The New Parkway Theater at 474 24th Street in Oakland, will additionally deal with the referenced themes to uncover a conversation about race & class in a town undergoing a startling transformation. In order to cultivate a series of rich conversations about the above issues, the town hall discussions will be led by regional activists, scholars, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders.