Black Future Month // 2-27-11 // Jason Nicholas Smith and Nick James, Designers

Posted on February 28, 2011

A few weeks ago, when I was still unsure what this #BlackFutureMonth project would do or mean, I asked two of my favorite designers, Nick James and Jason Nicholas Smith to take a crack at a commemorative tee.

I wanted two looks: one that was simple, effective, to the point and said what I believe about all of the folks who’ve been read and contributing to the blog. While I’ve featured a number of exceptional individuals here for the last 27 days or so, they are by no means the sum total of all that is or will be #blackfuture. There are too many groundbreaking artists, artisans and professionals in my immediate circle to get up here. And then there’s all the fascinating folks in my sister’s network. Not to mention you and your squad. So, I commissioned Jason Nicholas Smith, a burgeoning designer, who will soon be re-tooling and re-releasing his line of men’s sportswear. Jason, who is a member of The Getback Production squad, an avid appreciator of all things artistic, from the visual to the aural, took a shot. Available in Ebony and Bone, either style will jump start a conversation about Black Future. Pre-order yours today, and you’ll have one in hand by 3/15. Just in time to tell somebody why Black History is everyday and #blackfuture is forever.

I AM #BLACKFUTURE Tee (In Ebony) — Designed by Jason Nicholas Smith

Pre-Order I AM #BLACKFUTURE (Ebony) in our SHOP today.

Pre-Order I AM #BLACKFUTURE (Bone) in our SHOP today.


The second designer, Nick James, big brain mofo that he is, took a cerebral and nostalgic approach to the challenge. His designs focus on the intersection of black literature and scientific innovation; an alchemy we’ve been circling for the last month here at Thickwit. His designs, both offered in ebony, quote and pay homage to two literary giants, Nikki Giovanni and Virginia Hamilton. Ms. Giovanni’s poem “Quilting the Black Eyed Pea (We’re Going to Mars)” served as logical inspiration.

Black Future Tee in Nikki — Designed by Nick James

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Listen here as Nikki Giovanni talks, in both concrete and ethereal terms about black folk (and NASA, maybe) making the necessary trip to the red planet.

Black Future Tee in Virginia — Designed by Nick James

Pre-Order yours in our SHOP today.

The second variation on the design is inspired by Virginia Hamilton’s compendium of the classic folk tales, named for it’s lead story “The People Could Fly.” I think the connection’s fairly obvious, no? Here’s a bit of illustration, as provided for Hamilton’s original volume by artists Leo and Diane Dillon. If you’ve never seen or heard of this book before, I say you buy it from Marcus Bookstores, now. It’s a Thickwit approved children’s book for the grown-ass intellect. Like you. The same kind of person who really wants to rock Nicky Free’s newest tee. Pre-order one of these bad boys now. I have a hunch that they may turn into a Thickwit series, and these limited edition first pressings won’t be here forever.

Thickwit is appreciative of the written and performed efforts of Nikki Giovanni and Virginia Hamilton. We’re also proud to salute our last two #blackfuture honorees, Nick James and Jason Nicholas Smith.

But come back tomorrow 2/28/11 for one last, special feature. I owe it to you.

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  • Nick James
    February 28, 2011 (12:52 pm)

    Glad to be a apart of something special. Chinaka out beasted hip-hop blogs with the amount of content she did for #blackfuture but its true value is its impenetrable substance. What if every website was like this?

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