Posted on April 29, 2008

okay. so the thing is i have nothing against
two of the men i love most in the world read it on a daily basis. i’m not one to hate on anyone’s news outlet. i mean some of y’all watch cnn daily. no bubbles burst when i tell you they’re not actually the best political team on television. sometimes there’s some really interesting info on bossip. like, for example, apparently remy ma and papoose are engaged to be married. married. which will make for just about the ugliest nuptials ever. also, i got updated on the former mrs. bobby brown, tyra, rev. wright, and most importantly khia. ( if you don’t know who khia is– good for you. suffice it to say she’s on a show hosted by mc serch of white rapper show fame)

i take issue with bossip not because it’s a stockade of useless information– that’s half my game plan here– i take issue with bossip because it’s a name that supposes you can slide the letter b in front of anything and blacken it. as if gossip isn’t already a part of the rich cultural heritage of our diaspora. i thought we at least had gossip on lock and didn’t have to qualify it as our own, somehow othered from all of the mainstream gossip.

but i’m not here to hate on black folks. i’m just here to provide a counterweight.
so here’s my deal. this blog right here. this shit right here will be the absolute last blog where i write about absolutely nothing. if i don’t have something constructive to say, and all the homies are out writing meaningful words else where you’ll see this at thickwit: anti-bossip– the nothing stops here, and i’ll link you through to something much better. it’ll actually work unlike that link you tried at the top of the page. come on now. why would i link you to the shit i’m hating on?

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