16 // Black Future Month // Trouble Men

Posted on February 17, 2012

My blog ate my homework. And other excuses. I’m behind on this here site, and playing quick catch up. Since the last post was female-identified, and since I’m penning this one on its heels, I think it’s only right for me to give the gentlemen a little something. And something lighter, too.

Now, we play with the evolving ideas of trouble men. We start with a live performance of Marvin Gaye’s Trouble Man, and attempt to track its influence on the contemporary. If Gaye were alive at this moment, what would he look like? What would he be doing? Who has inherited his practice, if anyone? And how? Surely, those who follow in Gaye’s footsteps do precarious feats of high flying performance. Like the men for whom the song is named in the first place, electrical trouble (shooting) men — first responders on the scene when the power’s out. Or perhaps the song is made for the title character of the soundtrack for which this song was written, a blaxploitation film called, you guessed it, Trouble Man. Either way, today’s video selection is a smattering of charged, potent energy — and musical acumen that’s far beyond average. The kind that puts you back together when you come apart.

[pageview url=”http://www.dragontape.com/#!/4543658″ height=580 width=520 border=yes]

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